R. puniceodiscus x neves-armondii Desc from Taylor 1999.

puniceo x neves

Christobel King drawing

puniceo x nevs flwrs

"It is not known whether R. puniceodiscus and R. neves-armondii ever grow together in habitat in Brazil, but even if they do, there are no known records of any natural hybrids, either between them or, indeed, in the genus Rhipsalis as a whole, and until now none has been reported in cultivation. (Barthlott & Taylor, 995: 68). However, in the living collections at Kew there is a plant that appears to be perfectly intermediate between these two species, especially in the critical vegetative characters, its stem segments being neither wholly determinate, nor mainly indeterminate in growth behavior. It combines the tendency to produce abundant aerial roots (cf. R. puniceodiscus) with a pinkish magenta fruit (cf. R. neves-armondii) and seems a good candidate for a hybrid between the two species that has arisen in culivation. It is illustrated here, together with its presumed parents, in Christabel King's attractive watercolour."

Photos copyright Ken Friedman 12/12/2014.

puniceo x neves berries


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