Schlumbergera opuntioides (Lofgren and Dusen). Hunt in Kew Bull. 23: 260 (1969)






Desc from B&R 1923 as Epiphyllanthus obovatus

Plant - usually growing in shade of rocks, at first erect, becoming more or less decumbent, very much branched.
- usually 5 to 7 cm. long, obovate to oblong, more or less flattened, often suggesting small joints of some Opuntia, bearing scattered areoles and these ften spinescent; old and lower joints often nearly terete, bearing large areoles with numerous short yellow spines.
Flowers - 5 cm. long, purple.
- naked.

Type locality - Brazil.

Note from Bradleya 13
DISTRIBUTION. Brazil (S Minas Gerais, NW Rio de Janeiro, E Sao Paulo): Serra da Mantiqueira (Serra do Ibitipoca, Serra do Itatiaia, Campos do Jordao), epiphytic in cloud forest, at 1600-2500 m altitude.

Desc from Hunt 2006
Body shrubby, Opuntia-like; branches erect or arching up to 40cm ( reaching 120cm in nature from a woody base 10cm diam); branch segments obovate to oblong, compressed, 5-7 x 1.5-4cm; areoles in diagonal rows, as in Opuntia; spines few to numerous, up to 5mm, bristly, almost white to pale yellow brown; flowers strongly zygomorphic, resembling those of S. truncata, ca 6 x 4.5cm, deep pink; pericarp obscurely 5-7 angled; stigma almost white.

Left photo © W. Barthlott (1987) Top right: © K Friedman (2003). Bottom right © D. Butcher (2003)

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