R. leucorhaphis Schumann, Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 10: 125. 1900.

Reduced to synonymy under L. lumbricoides f. lumbricoides by Barthlott and Taylor Bradleya 13

Info from Britton and Rose.

  • Plant epiphytic, much branched, about 5 dm. long, rooting abundantly along the branches, jointed, 5 to 8 mm. in diameter, terete or showing 4 or 5 ribs in herbarium specimens;
  • Bristles 1 to 5, appressed, early deciduous;
  • Areoles subtended by an ovate papery bract;
  • Flowers white, nodding, large, 1.5 cm. long;
  • Petals only slightly spreading;
  • Filaments purplish or white with orange-colored base;
  • Stigma-lobes 3 or 4, greenish, spreading;
  • Ovary not sunken in the branch;
  • Fruit globose, bright red, 6 to 8 mm. in diameter;
  • Seeds numerous, brown. Type locality: Estancia Tagatiya, Paraguay.

Distribution: Paraguay and northern Argentina.

We did not know this species until it was brought back by Dr. Shafer in 1917 from Paraguay, where he obtained good specimens; he also found it abundant in northern Argentina. Like many of the other species it grows in various situations, sometimes sprawling over rocks or growing on forest trees. One of his living plants fruited in the New York Botanical Garden and from this we have drawn part of our description.

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