L. pacheco-leonii, L. epiphyllanthoides, R. dissimilis, L. floccosum

dissimilis var pacheco leonii




L. pacheco-leonii Lofgren was not recognized by Rose, but was recognized later by Backeberg. Rose referred it to R. dissimilis Lindberg.

L. epiphyllanthoides Backeberg, recognized most recently by Innes (1977), was seen by Barthlott (1977b) as possibly a specialized form of R. dissimilis.

L. floccosum Salm-Dyck, recognized by Rose, Backeberg and Innes, was seen by Barthlott (1977b) as an older name for R. dissimilis.

This plant, in the Brussels Botanic Garden (2004), was labeled R. pacheco-leonis 53-0160 ©KAF (click to enlarge). Dr. Nigel Taylor, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, identified this plant as R. dissimilis.


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