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Rhipsalis dissimilis forma epiphyllanthoides Barthlott & N P Taylor

Rhipsalis dissimilis forma epiphyllanthoides (Backeberg) Süpplie 1993

Desc from Backeberg 1977

  • Body - erect
  • Shoots - 2 - 4 cm long.. shortly overlapping
  • Areoles - on a reddish prominence with white felt, bristly at first
  • Flower - to 3 cm , yellowish-white, sepals darker-tipped.
  • Fruit - unknown. 

Note from Bradleya 13: This apparently stable, abbreviated form, with striking yellow flower-buds and flowers, is found at Vila Velha, Parana, erect on sandstone rocks. It may merit subspecific status, but other populations of the species from Parana, which are currently known only from herbarium records, should first be studied in habitat.


Frank Süpplie and Dr. Nigel Taylor have identified this plant shown below as being Rhipsalis dissimlis forma epiphyllanthoides. Stem growth is irregular as photos on this page show. The bottom-left photo shows different growth on the same stem. The photo at the top right shows a thick mat of aerial roots. The middle-left photo shows harmless spines on some branches. The bottom-right photo shows wine coloring on the underside tips of petals and is more true, though less pale than shown here where the flash of the camera washed out the photo, than the flower at top left. Photos copyright Ken Friedman 1999


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