R. densiareolata Loefgren
Info from Backeberg’s Lexicon

Reduced to synonymy under R. lindbergiana by Barthlott and Taylor Bradleya 13

  • Body shrubby, trunk more or less erect at first, then hanging, to 60 cm long.. 1-1.2 cm thick;
  • Shoots 6 - 7 together, never whorled, 20-60 cm long., 5-7 mm thick, more or less tapering at the tip, light yellowish-green, later grey;
  • Areoles crowded, spiralled, on younger shoots with bristles 1-1.5 mm long;
  • Flowers very numerous, ca. 9 mm diam., white;
  • Ovary without scales;
  • Fruit pinkish-red, ovoid.
  • Habitat Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, near Tijuca).
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