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R. baccifera subsp. horrida (Baker) Barthlott in Bradleya 5 (1987)

© K. Friedman

R. baccifera ©KAF
(Madagascar 22293)
R. pilosa, KAF
labeled R. pilosa© KAF
labeled R. saxicola © KAF

R. baccifera ©KAF
cutting from Madagascar 7575

R. horrida © KAF 

Desc from Backeberg 1977 of R. horrida

  • Body - branching freely from the base, later also from towards the apex.
  • Shoots - 10-50 cm long., 5 mm Æ , with c. 8 ribs. pale green; 
  • Areoles - with dense. + glassy, brittle, reddish-brown bristly spines c. 5 mm long., those in the apex forming a dense tuft;
  • Flowers - ?, probably up to 3 together from an areole
  • Fruit - 1-3 together, spherical, sometimes with areoles and bristles.

Distribution - Madagascar, epilithic and epiphytic, to 1500 m altitude.

Note from Bradleya 13: Chromosome numbers: 2n = 44, 88. A neotenic race including forms with aberrant mesotonic branching habit and bristly stem, pericarpel and fruit.

Note from Suepplie 3/2001: Cylindrical with ribs, bristles many per areole, maximum 3mm long, whitish-grey to red/brown, flowers to 4mm diam., lithophyte