Lepismium lumbricoides forma aculeatum (F A C Weber) Barthlott and N P Taylor in Bradleya 13 (1995)

R. aculeatum 65-0123 taken at the Brussels Botanic Garden 9/03. Copyright Ken Friedman.

All photos copyright Ken Friedman

This form, known only from northwestern Argentina, has stiff yellowish rather than soft and bristly whitish spines and should not be confused with spiny races of forma lumbricoides. According to Schumann (1898: 635) they can be found sympatric in Tucuman. (Upper left drawing: Eaton, M.E.; watercolor in The Cactacea Vol 4 Pl 24, Fig 8, Smithsonian Institute website).

  • Plant - stems terete, 3 to 4 mm. in diameter, somewhat angled and roughened in dried specimens.
  • Areoles - close together, bearing wool and 8 to 10 appressed white bristles or spines.
  • Fruit - not immersed, globose, 7 to 8 mm. in diameter, dark purple to nearly black, either naked or with 3 or 4 hairy areoles.
  • Type locality - Catamarca, Argentina

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Eaton 1861