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: A multipage alphabetical list of known species names in the left-hand column and the recognized species to which the name is referred in the right-hand column.

Keys open the door to identification--if you can follow the terminology.

Cultivation: propagation tips, potting mixes, growing conditions, fertilizers.

General Topics: Site intro, climate, glossary, distribution, geography, history, literature review, bibliography.

Photos: Collections (botanic gardens and private), habitat photos, and a few mystery plants.

Links: References (old articles you might want to read for ideas about identification), plant sources and offsite links.

Who's who at
Derek: He is responsible for all the content on the site because he understands sciencey stuff. He grows in Australia.
Ken: Makes believe he is a webmaster. He has been growing Rhipsalis since 1978. Scientific language about Rhipsalis goes in one ear and out the other. He grows in a greenhouse in Pennsylvania.
Jorge: A recent contributor who likes to search for obscure articles and understands technical terms. He grows near San Francisco, California,

What's New

Update: This site was updated in January 2018. Many pages were edited to realign photos in Dec. 2017.

List of publications: Jorge Quiñónez compiled a list of recent publications about Rhipsalis.

Errors: We will try to be more diligent about correcting errors brought to our attention. Tell Ken ( and be as clear as possible so he can know what to look for: inactive links, missing photos. He is not enthusiastic about correcting typos and inconsistencies in use of boldface, but if you see something major, tell him. Often the typos occur because the words on screen are so small he doesn't see them (the errors).

Interesting blog: Here is an interesting blog with a long discussion of Rhipsalis:

Rhipsalis experts: A long time ago, we laboriously added outstanding Rhipsalis academic research by Dr. Alice Calvente and Dr. Nadja Korotkova to this website, along with many references from older sources. Now a user can find just about every historical name cross referenced to its currently accepted species name with all the cited information. These researchers are today's experts on Rhipsalis. The rest of us are pretenders.

Searching the site. Apparently the search function has failed, and Ken has no idea how to repair it because he does not remember how he created the search function in the first place.

Rhipsalis source in Europe:

12/20/2017. Added photos of habitat and berries for R. triangularis, copyright and courtesy of João Marcelo Alvarenga Braga.

12/20/2017. Earlier in 2017, Rainbow Gardens in Vista, Calif., closed for good and gave up its retail license. Unsold Rhipsalis that were donated or discarded (listen and you can hear Ken weeping). This clsure was historic for Rihpsalis in the U.S. because so many, if not most species in U.S. collections originated at Rainbow. Now your safest bet for Rhipsalis is from our good friends at Tropiflora in Sarasota, Fla. Google it. Even there, we are still trying to ID or correct some names. Some will never be corrected.




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